Assessment and  Intervention Planning
This session is for the MASTERS level exam. Click for more details...

The ASWB exam is designed to assess your knowledge, skills, and values. 24% of the exam questions cover Assessment and Intervention Planning. This session will cover information and practice questions that focus on understanding competencies IIA. Biopsychosocial history and collateral data, IIB. Assessment methods and techniques, and IIC. Intervention planning.

You will learn:
  • Test-taking strategies that will help you to apply your understanding of the KSA's when reading and answering the questions.
This session also consists of:
  • A lesson plan; a detailed outline of what to expect during the session and the goals and objectives.
  • Practice questions; you will obtain the knowledge needed through rationales.
  • Assessment (provided within 24 hours after the session); you will receive feedback that will enhance your knowledge base for exam success.


Tutoring Session Overview

Envision Pass-Assessment, Diagnosis, & Treatment Planning (1-1 Session).pdf

Envision Pass Tackling the ASWB Exam Guide

Envision Pass ASWB Guide I.pdf